Race car driver, children's rights advocate, music and arts patron.

Race car driver, children's rights advocate, music and arts patron. - Roman Ziemian

Roman Ziemian

Roman Ziemian, born on September 27, 1973, in Jelenia Góra, Poland, is a distinguished race car driver, children’s advocate, and patron of music and arts. Located just an hour from Wrocław, Jelenia Góra is where Roman grew up and nurtured his early interests. He studied at the Jelenia Góra School of Music and pursued further education at the School of the Arts and Crafts.


At 19, Roman left Poland to chase his dreams in music, motorsports, and his profound love for children. He settled in Germany and collaborated with prominent German corporations, including BASF, SIEMENS, RAIFAISEN Bank, Skanska, and HEILT + Woerner. Furthermore, he expanded his professional horizon by working for enterprises across several European nations such as France, Austria, Cyprus, Sweden, and the Netherlands. As the CEO and President of various European establishments, Roman honed his managerial acumen, adeptly handling diverse teams from multiple cultural backgrounds. His charisma and exceptional people skills resonate with individuals from all walks of life.


Roman’s fervor for motorsport is undeniable. He not only participated but also clinched victories driving F1 and GT cars in numerous European competitions. In 2018, his passion materialized further when he founded the motorsport team, Racing and F1 Cooperation. This team now graces various racing circuits, competing in events like the Lamborghini Super Trofeo and the GT4 European Series.



The Ascent of a Polish Ferrari Challenge Racer​.


We unite the right minds to challenge conventional thought and drive transformation in 2020.


We bring the right individuals together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation in 2020.

Frequently Asked Question

Roman Ziemian from Octane 126, a rookie in the Ferrari Challenge Europe, is the featured guest on “Fast Lane” this week. The Polish racer delves into his personal interests, which, besides Ferrari and motorsport, encompass classical music.

I raced in semi-professional categories with various cars for an extended period.

I’ve always wanted to race in Abu Dhabi. Since I spend parts of the year in Dubai, it would have felt like racing at home for me. Regarding my favorite track, I’d pick Mugello at the moment. Despite sustaining some damage on that Italian circuit, I truly enjoyed the experience.

I have a deep appreciation for classical music. I trained at a conservatory and many of my friends have become musicians or composers. I particularly adore the violin. However, I must confess that I also enjoy a good deal of rock and pop music.